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Maintaining a healthy smile makes you feel and look fantastic. Have a smile to be proud of by visiting our respected dental practice in Epping. Treating everyone from busy professionals to children with the sensitivity their needs require, our pain-free treatments are effective and affordable. At North Star Dental we have a staff of specialists fully trained and accredited in all aspects of dentistry. Whether you're coming in for a check-up, comprehensive treatment or emergency surgery we will make that pain subside quickly so you can go back to savouring life. Non-invasive and long-lasting results are just a phone call away, talk to us today.

Personalised care

Make your next trip to the dentist a positive experience by calling on the dental practice that cares in Epping. At North Star Dental our experienced dentists can quickly diagnose and treat any concerns or discomfort you are experiencing. Able to cater to any number of issues, our range of quality services include:

  • Teeth cleaning and restoration
  • Oral hygiene
  • General dental
  • Emergency surgery

Specialists to help you

As a trusted dental practice in Epping we take our job very seriously and treat every client with the respect they deserve. For years we have been caring for local residents and want you to receive the attention you need. Offering timely and efficient dental services at the most affordable prices in the area, our dedicated dentists remain up-to-date on the developments in the dental industry. Using the most trusted techniques and latest technology we guarantee to have you back to enjoying your smile in no time.